VIP Pass Winter 2018


VIP Pass Winter 2018


The VIP PASS Winter Pass gives you FULL ACCESS to STEP BY STEP demonstrations:

Purchasing this digital product allows you FULL ACCESS to a weekly album containing images FOR EACH CLASS and FULL LIST of colours used for all subject matter covered in my WINTER TERM 2018.

That's 6 classes  x 8 weeks of step by step images that you can follow at home!

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The first images will be uploaded Feb 16th (and typically are uploaded thursdays or fridays).  By purchasing this add on feature, you will receive a UNIQUE PASSWORD that gives you full access pass to: 

  • View THIS HIDDEN (password protected) ALBUM
  • 8 weeks of step by step photos for EVERY class (in a variety of mediums) 
  • A full list of colours used for that week per subject
  • Step by step / progressive images will allow you to catch up (or even try other media) that you can SAVE or download to your computer.
  • For particularly challenging areas of the painting: some written descriptions & further information with regards to techniques used, and order of application is available.

For only $20, the cost of this service does not replace the value and information covered in class, nor is it as detailed as a step by step fully annotated book or a video. However, it will allow you access to classes that you are unable to attend in person and give you a sneak peek at my process and what we do in studio!

SAMPLE PAGES of product:

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you use a VALID email address at checkout. 

  • AFTER YOUR PURCHASE: You will automatically receive a standard "order confirmation email" containing a link to AN IMAGE with THE PASSWORD TO THE HIDDEN ALBUM! *GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL after purchase
  • YOUR PASSWORD LINK will expire 24 hours after it's first clicked. SO, KEEP a copy of the password / WRITE IT DOWN! 
  • VISIT THE VIP ALBUM for complete access! CLICK HERE to VIEW ALBUM accessible only by your secret password that you purchased (and hopefully wrote down)
  • If you miss this 24 hr window, you will have to RE-PURCHASE the link. Sorry, no exceptions
  • This will be the password you will use to give you access to the FULL TERM ANYTIME - starting today and ending ... NEVER!
  • WANT ACCESS? Purchase your VIP PASS TODAY!