Tis the Season....

Photo credit Shirley Bittner 

Photo credit Shirley Bittner 


'Tis the Season for many things.

With the onset of cooler weather... and the sniffles, we are reminded of the brutal reality of that imminent season we call winter. It's a good time to put on your woolies, grab some hot chocolate and snuggle yourselves in by a cozy fire and shut out the world.

Better yet, why not  come cozy up with me during my annual   Christmas Card workshop?!


STEP by STEP watercolour workshop;  choice of two days and two subjects:
  • Saturday NOV 16th "Red Ribbon Welcome" $65
  • Sunday NOV 17th "Chickdee Song" $65 
  • SAVE - register  for BOTH DAYS $120
  • TIME: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Both workshops are designed for people with moderate experience - a good understanding of tools and techniques. Paintings will be 8x10. I will scan your paintings at the end of class to send you high res files for you to print as cards (optional)