Painting workshop: Newfoundland (Part 1)

We boarded our shuttle bound for Trinity and our Inn at Fishers' Loft just outside of Port Rexton. Jean our driver kept us entertained and generously made stops for quaint towns like Brigus, and with a bus full of artists armed with cameras, many stops were made to allow us to spill out of the van and run around snapping photos.


Pirate Cabs Newfoundland, stopping for some photo opportunities.

  We also made a stop for some tea and...... a deep fried a Mars Bar. Let me tell you at 3:30pm it hit the spot. (I'm allllll claaaaassss).

Oh yes, I did..... Deep Fried Mars Bar at a gas station, along the TC Highway

Oh yes, I did..... Deep Fried Mars Bar at a gas station, along the TC Highway


We arrived in Trinity exalted. Energized after the infusion of St. John’s glorious colour, energy and spirit (and possibly the sugar rush). The tiny white churches peeked in and out of the rolling hill side as we bumped through the rocky terrain on our shuttle, just as I had envisioned this place for years, it unravelling right before my eyes. We all cheered when the signs for FISHERS' LOFT , our final stop and home for the next 7 days appeared.  We drove to the top of the hill to our brand new conference centre, wheels spinning on the gravel. At the top the view made our long journey worth it. Sprawled out before us, a little piece of paradise. A short moment of breathless silence and then squeals of delight. 

View from the Top.

We freshened up and made our way down to the dining area. The porch overlooking the bay. The sun beginning to set. We were seated at a long harvest table, garden to one side and spoon shaped peninsulas on the other. We sat down to the first of many of the most spectacularly simple and elegant meals most of us had EVER had. 

Table set for my group of 14 on our first night.

Typical menu

I miss these terribly. Mes petites Amuses Bouches  :( 

A typical meal at Fishers Loft


The meals continued like this until we begged, pleaded with them to stop.  Ok, so no, we didn't, what with all of the hiking we were sure to walk some of this off right? After a breakfast of poached eggs atop fresh home made toasted sour dough, bacon (of course) , blueberry scones (in season) I set out as leader/hiker/instructor. We had woken up to Sunshine - a great start to our first day of painting! Our destination: (Somewhere) on The Skerwink Trail. We found the perfect spot after enjoying sneak "peaks" of cliffs, herring gulls nesting and and spying the famous "Stacks".  It was WINDY, but we were comforted in knowing we'd be coming home to fresh sandwiches (heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers from their garden, sharp cheddar and fresh basil pesto, date squares and hot tea!). YES, MORE EATING!!!!


We finished our day with a sunset ( I had ordered it weeks prior) and another dreadful meal and I bid my group good night and sunk into my duvet like a stone.

Sunset behind our facility.