How to: Paint rolling surf in watercolor

This is my VERY FIRST Vlog entry!

A short and very easy video on how to paint rolling surf in watercolor. Masking fluid is the key here to creating believable texture and with a few simple tricks, it can be manipulated to create a bubbled, foamy appearance.

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What you'll need:


Da Vinci Watercolors in:

Phthalo Blue

Hookers Green Dark

Prussian Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Da Vinci Mauve (or Violet)

Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna



 Phthalo Blue + Hookers Green Dark = turquoise

Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Umber = grey

Mauve + Burnt Umber = purplish shadowey brown

Burnt Umber + Raw sienna = darker sand colour


TOOLS:  (click here to purchase brushes)

1" wash brush

1" synthetic fan brush

1/5" synthetic flat

#1 round (natural hair) 

#8 round (natural hair) 

140 lb cold pressed paper


Masking fluid