Unleash your inner Artist

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I have been reading a wonderful book that considers and verbalizes many obstacles that artists  encounter and faces them head on. ART & FEAR   by David Bayles and Ted Orland discusses the way  and the why art gets made, and the (mostly self induced) reasons why it doesn't. It's a wonderful, humorous look inside the artist brain... be careful, it's messy in there! 

It's simple, very readable format also easily applies to other genres and disciplines and the creative process in general. 

As an art instructor I've seen many, many people get discouraged with their art and art making. As an artist, I face my own set of obstacles as well. To be honest , the biggest and perhaps single outside factor that truly keeps me from creating art is time. Other than that, it is my own self that gets in the way.  

Here are but a few reasons (ahem, excuses) why I don't produce art:

  • distraction

  • procrastination

  • hunger

  • fear of failure

  • fear of taking risks

  • fear of facing a blank canvas

  • laziness

  • holding back  emotionally

After some self reflection (read more procrastination) I thought I would create an ART MANIFESTO ( see above image)

I want to share it with you too as a gentle reminder to go easy on your sensitive self,  give yourself time to find inspiration, permission to process, permission to fail and maybe even fall in love with what you're doing...