It's much Easier Being Green!

It's much easier loving green if you know which colours to add in! Learn simple colour recipes to make your next landscape or floral painting more realistic.

I often am asked how to "use green". I think the main concern and observation here is that so many issues with using green lie in the unrealistic tone. The key is to ALWAYS add another colour to make it cooler, more muted, more sunny and ultimately more believable...


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Clean Space = Clear Mind

I am easily distracted.

As such I have learned that if my art space/work space is messy, my mind is less apt to focus on the project in front of me. Struggling to find  the right brush,  forgetting to have made enough of the colour I need & panicking while my paint is drying or feeling constantly blinded by visual pollution even in my 30" square drafting area can be very detrimental to one's peace of mind and ultimately one's painting. This is often a result of a poorly organized space and cluttered work area. There is a very interesting post by Michael Hyatt in which he quotes Author & American professor Randy Pausch: 

“ Clutter is death, it leads to thrashing...” 

I've seen it happen in my classes. I've even seen people looking lost and fearful as they work, not having noticed that their reference image is sitting underneath their palette, that their hands are covered in paint or that the better part of  the real-estate in their work area is being engulfed by, bags, containers, extra items that slow down their productivity and lead to spills and distraction.  Their clutter is so high  that they've not identified the source of their frustration. In my classes, I stress the importance of having as little as possible on your work area. Extra tubes of paint should be packed away. Only the essentials should be out. Everything else gets packed away.

I call it the "L" system. Creating a simple capital L shape around your drawing/painting board.

Here is a little diagram:

The "L" System helps to keep only the essentials at hand.

I hope this helps to clear your mind and lessen your frustration and bring more enjoyment and peace to your painting process!


Happy Painting!




How to Stretch Watercolour Paper: The Easy Way

Stretching your paper before you paint is essential when using sheets of 140lbs or less.  Here's a short video on doing it without the fuss and mess of butcher tape or staples!

Da Vinci Paint Co.  Ambassador Crystal Beshara shows you...
How to Stretch your Watercolor Paper: THE EASY WAY!

Stretching your watercolour doesn't have to be messy or difficult. You can do it with masking tape and be ready to paint 15 minutes!

She is using Arches 140lb Cold Pressed Bright White paper. 
-Your paper should be 100% RAG or cotton (artist grade paper)
-A rigid board a little bigger than your paper
-A 1.5-2" wash brush
A hair dryer
-1-1.5" masking tape with medium"tac" (make sure it is sticky enough)
Water bucket

Poster Girl!

Look for me in the March issue of The Artists Magazine!

Proud to be Da Vinci Paints newest Ambassador

"Da Vinci paint has been my only paint for the last 15 years.  Rich, vivid pigment that brushes out beautifully. The consistency is something I can count on from tube to tube and year-to-year. It's also perfect for squeezing into my travel palette when I teach workshops abroad.

I recommend it to all of my students. It's a top notch artist quality paint and with the large size tubes and price point, it's extremely - affordable even for those just starting out .

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