Painting workshop: Newfoundland (Part 1)

Painting workshop: Newfoundland  (Part 1)

We arrived in Trinity exalted. Energized after the infusion of St. John’s glorious colour, energy and spirit (and possibly the sugar rush). The tiny white churches peeked in and out of the rolling hill side as we bumped through the rocky terrain on our shuttle, just as I had envisioned this place for years, it unravelling right before my eyes. We all cheered when the signs for FISHERS' LOFT , our final stop and home for the next 7 days appeared.  We drove to the top of the hill to our brand new conference centre, wheels spinning on the gravel. At the top the view made our long journey worth it. Sprawled out before us, a little piece of paradise. A short moment of breathless silence and then squeals of delight.

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The weight of a stone

 A painting inspired by a beautiful hike on a recent trip to Newfoundland.

This curious rock formation is found at the summit in Butter Pot Park and is approximately 600 million years old. During the last glaciation approximately 10 thousand years ago, great sheets of ice scraped the land, gouging out river valleys, dragging boulders and thus changing the landscape. When the climate changed and the weather became warmer, the ice began to melt and retreat. As it did, huge boulders were deposited along the way. 

(5 minute video of a 2 hour painting)