Good Tips: Natural Bristle Care

Good Tips: Natural Bristle Care

Ultimately, when choosing the best bristles for your watercolour paintings, you want a brush that springs back easily to it's original shape AND holds a lot of water.  Let's review the characteristics of Sable vs Synthetic and the reasons why you might choose one over the other...

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It's much Easier Being Green!

It's much easier loving green if you know which colours to add in! Learn simple colour recipes to make your next landscape or floral painting more realistic.

I often am asked how to "use green". I think the main concern and observation here is that so many issues with using green lie in the unrealistic tone. The key is to ALWAYS add another colour to make it cooler, more muted, more sunny and ultimately more believable...


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Studio Solutions: Recycling your solvent

What are you supposed to do with your dirty brush cleaner, mineral spirits or solvent? Save money and be environmental by recycling it... for you to use again and again! It couldn't be easier.
Artist Crystal Beshara shows you how.

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How to Stretch Watercolour Paper: The Easy Way

Stretching your paper before you paint is essential when using sheets of 140lbs or less.  Here's a short video on doing it without the fuss and mess of butcher tape or staples!

Da Vinci Paint Co.  Ambassador Crystal Beshara shows you...
How to Stretch your Watercolor Paper: THE EASY WAY!

Stretching your watercolour doesn't have to be messy or difficult. You can do it with masking tape and be ready to paint 15 minutes!

She is using Arches 140lb Cold Pressed Bright White paper. 
-Your paper should be 100% RAG or cotton (artist grade paper)
-A rigid board a little bigger than your paper
-A 1.5-2" wash brush
A hair dryer
-1-1.5" masking tape with medium"tac" (make sure it is sticky enough)
Water bucket

"La Catrina" Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

"La Catrina" Day of the Dead                  Makeup Tutorial

Artist Crystal Beshara ( leads you through a full 20 minute lesson on how to do your best Day of The Dead makeup i.e.: "La Catrina" /Calvarita (Mexican folklore).

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