I spent my childhood drawing and reading books like the "Chronicles of Narnia", "Charlotte’s Web" and "Watership Down" . I was greatly inspired by the classic artwork of E.H Shepard and Beatrix Potter. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be part of the world of children’s book illustration. (see sample children's book illustration below)

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  • BFA (studio) Honours University of Ottawa
  • SBA (dip) Society of Botanical Artists UK, 2 yr diploma program


  • pencil, 
  • pen and ink, 
  • watercolour
  • oil
  • pastel
  • mixed media
  • some digital 


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Childrens Books

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GrrrOuch! Pain is like a grouchy Bear. (2009)

Author: Cathryn Morgan
Illustrator: Crystal  Beshara (Illustrations watercolour)
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-897508-84-8
Category: Picture Book/Education/medical
Binding: soft cover

A wonderfully written, award winning  concept book full of inspirational ideas for children coping with chronic pain. 





When I Visit the Farm (2009)


Author: Crystal Beshara
Illustrator: Crystal Beshara (oil on canvas)
ISBN:  978-1-897550-09-0
Category:  Picture Books
Ages:  3 - 7
Binding:  Hardcover with dust jacket
Page count:  32 pages
Published by:

This breathtaking picture book captures the innocence and joy of a child’s experiences at the farm. Whimsical illustrations come alive with color and texture to compliment the gentle, rhythmic text. From the lamb’s nuzzle to the cow’s morning greeting, from the horse’s velvety nose to the ducklings’ playful quacks, the barnyard is brimming with possibilities to explore. 


REVIEWS for When I visit the Farm

"Children have an incredible ability to celebrate what adults deem small and insignificant. Their glee over first-time experiences is infectious, whether it’s the satiny feel of grass on their bare toes or the warmth coming from a horse breathing on their outstretched hands.
Ottawa writer and illustrator Crystal Beshara captures such moments in this book, which is based on her own daughter’s joyful discoveries. Youngsters ages three to seven will enjoy finding a Jersey cow,goslings, chicks, a chipmunk, robin’s eggs and the old hen, who has a dream of her own."

Waterloo Region Record, May 2009

"Told with simple, spare sentences, [this] delightful story engages the reader in the fun exploration and quiet meditation of nature, all from within the safe environs of the farm."

Resource Links, April 2009

"... Beshara’s softly coloured illustrations sometimes have the effect of a photograph – more real than reality itself – thanks to careful choices and evocative detail. The scene of a little girl standing on a fence, soft green grass below her feet and a barn in the distance, is so perfectly composed as to seem inevitable. The book’s storyline is simple ... Nevertheless, with such breathtaking art to support it, we come to appreciate the simplicity and sincerity of the words ... a very absorbing read, and will be especially interesting to urbanized young Canadians."

Quill & Quire, featured review, April 2009

"... a beautiful picture book with warm, sunny illustrations. The artist's bright, beautifully detailed paintings are appealing to the eye."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials, March 2009

"Crystal Beshara's text is simple, allowing her illustration - gracefully executed in fresh pastels - to take centre stage...This is a world devoid of adults, bathed in summer sunshine."

Montreal Review of Books, April 2009

"The cover is just adorable ... The text seems to have a sense of poetry about it."

The Reading Tub, April 2009



Featured on CTV News (Ottawa)

“Pick of the Month” (May 2009) Words Worth Books, Waterloo ON



The Flight of the Bumbleebee. (2007)

Author: Derek Diorio
Illustrator: Crystal  Beshara (Illustrations watercolour)
ISBN: 978-1-897030-64-6
Category: Picture Book
Ages: 3-7
Binding: soft cover

An ordinary day in the life of a little bee turns into an unexpected musical adventure.