About my International Destinations...

So you love to travel but the idea of sitting idle is not your style?

You are not alone. Over the last 15 years, I have run painting workshops in England, Ireland, France, Greece, Santa Fe and Mexico for people just like you. You don't need to be a professional artist. I take people of all levels. You only need an open, adventurous heart and an appreciation for beauty. 

From a 3 hour hike high in the mountains of Michoacán to see the miracle of the Monarch Butterfly migration to a quiet & private day painting at Monet’s Lily pond. From an arid ranch amid cactus and 18th century churches in San Miguel de Allende to drawing in the lush gardens of Marie Antoinette and a sunset dinner at the Eiffel Tower, I have had some unforgettable moments with incredible travel companions... mix this up on your palette with big laughs, art lessons, a sampling of international cuisine and local shopping and you’ve got the travel experience!   

"One of my favourite things about travelling is the enjoyment of sitting down with a few pens and some paint.  Life is fast paced and in an age where everything is quick;  fast food, high speed internet, bullet trains, quick photo capture, even faster upload... often times we don't even remember all of the moments because we were so busy capturing them behind our phones and cameras. As (not just an artist, but as) a fully engaged participant in the word around me, the idea of giving myself permission to look around and feeeeeel my environment with ALL of my senses; wind in my hair, the taste of local wine on my tongue or even better - local dirt on my shoes  is heavenly... picking up a brush instead of a camera, allows my focus to shift and forces me to slow it down. Slow it aaaaaallll down. This is the lens I wish to share with my students." 

In my Travel Workshops, we cover a lot of ground. We learn how to design & edit our vision, in order to capture the essence of a place on our paper. Perspective, drawing and painting techniques are covered in every excursion while we improve observational skills that not only help to heighten your artistic practice but ENRICH your travel experience.